Built A Startup Website with Drupal

dinner life housewife

We built a startup website on top of Drupal. The beta release of https://www.dinnerlife.com is one of the latest Drupal 7 websites we built.

The startup is trying to help promote a new lifestyle. People can dine around if they do not want to cook. Or, if they like cooking, they can host dinners for others and make a living on it.

The mission of the startup is to help people living in a healthy and smart way. It will focus on building community and provide valuable information on how to prepare a nutritious, tasty and balanced dinner. Dinnerlife is a platform for people who do not have time to cook but still want to have a well-prepared home meal. The goal of it is to help form regular dinner groups. So people can meet and eat together every week or every day.

Social benefit is huge for this initiative. Get people connected with dinner is a way to fight against depression and improve health and then improve our life quality. It provides job opportunity to those who love to stay at home. Please help me wish all the success of it and most importantly it is on Drupal.

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