Should or Could Drupal Developers Practice Like Lawyers

For a small Drupal shop or an individual Drupal consultant, how to grow up? It seems that small Drupal shops face a glass ceiling when they want to move upward. They are not able to find a larger project because they not big enough. It is not trustworthy or not give the stack holder a confidence if there are not a team of developers. Should we solve this problem by working together in a partnership? The Drupal developer is a very technical intensive. Let us follow the way lawyers did in their practice. We get together and build a strong team.

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What is the benefit to run a Drupal shop in a partnership?
1) It is easy to setup unless we want to form an LLP partnership. As a professional Drupal Freelance, we may have some client already. Initial partners sign an agreement and form a partnership with some existing customers already.

2) A good size team gives confidence to customers. It is going to be easier to win a bigger project. According to #3 and #6 of seven common myths from Pantheon, big firms get big jobs. If you want big jobs, you have to get big first.

3) Having a partnership formed, we can recruit more junior developers and train them.

The challenge here is we never did it before. We do may not have any ways to follow. A comprehensive partnership agreement is needed. Here are some important things that we need think through before we form a partnership:
1) Types of Partnerships (General Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership)
2) Governance and Decision-Making
3) Partner Compensation
4) Capital Contribution
5) Overhead and Liabilities
6) Parental Leaves and Sabbaticals
7) Retirement and Termination.

Professional Drupal developers will benefit by practicing partnership in professional service. A reputable good size team is capable of catch and deliver bigger and more profitable projects.

Drupal developers provide highly skilled professional service. Lawyers give professional service related law. Lawyers have lawyer office to provide their service in a decent way. Why not copy the way how they did it to provide our Drupal service.

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The partnership model is pretty common in Drupal. Some are a couple or a few owners with employees (Palantir, Lullabot, Chapter Three, and Four Kitchens are prominent examples with more than one owner), but I think closer to the model your talking about are the many worker cooperatives in Drupal— PalanteTech, Koumbit, Quilted, CoLab, and the collective I'm in, Agaric, among them. Worker cooperatives are true partnerships, with each person in them equals, and no plans to have permanent employees with a lesser status.

... since the comment form doesn't offer a place for it otherwise. Would love to share more of what has been thought through of your list, and think through some more of it together!

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