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A Drop of The Deep Water

"Someone is looking for Drupal developers. Are you interested?", I asked one of my friends. "I will never touch Drupal again.", That is the most negative statement I have heard so far. Yes, Drupal has an interesting learning curve. It is not easy to master quickly. When we talk about learning Drupal, There are some of us left Drupal after many years as a Drupal developer, disappointed, frustrated. It is a sad truth some of us have worked with Drupal for many years, and still not find the beauty of her.

Have hundreds of items in one multivalued field?

Sounds like a bad design? When the first time I found out this, I thought that we should have avoided it in design. But, that is not what we are talking today. After we I figured out a way to fix the performance, it seems quite a powerful way to deal with the business logic.

Does Design Pattern Really Matter?

I am not against design patterns. I am just not its devoted follower. I think design pattern to a programming language is like grammar to the English language. I believe it is not the right tool to begin with software designing.

More Computer Bots Than Us?

I know that is a dumb question. I am shocked after I found out my site is quite busy, but none of them are real human beings.

I installed the Impression module that give me a detail report of all the activities on the site. I used views module to creating a report of all those activities. I am quite surprised to find out how big the problem is. I have attached a report for about 40 minutes' sites activities.

Built A Startup Website with Drupal

dinner life housewife

We built a startup website on top of Drupal. The beta release of https://www.dinnerlife.com is one of the latest Drupal 7 websites we built.

The startup is trying to help promote a new lifestyle. People can dine around if they do not want to cook. Or, if they like cooking, they can host dinners for others and make a living on it.

A New Weapon to Fight Against Spammers on Your Website

Look at the snapshot from the user table. I was having a big problem of spamming bots. The user table is full of fake users. Almost every minutes there is a fake user registered.
spammers' account flooding a website

Avoid Using the node_load_multiple API Function

In a large website with many nodes, stop using the node_load_multiple function. It potentially limits the site growing.

According to the document: "This function should be used whenever you need to load more than one node from the database." But, I want to say that we should avoid using this function as this open the door to system crash in the future.

Build a Star Software Development Team

The success of a project depends on a good development team. How to build and maintain such a good team?

As, a software developer for many years, I believed a good dev team is one of the pillars for a successful business. Here, I want to discuss how to build a dream developer team. Building a high productive, super innovative and proactive team is like cooking a meal. It needs a good ingredient, right source, and good timing in each step of cooking.

Should or Could Drupal Developers Practice Like Lawyers

For a small Drupal shop or an individual Drupal consultant, how to grow up? It seems that small Drupal shops face a glass ceiling when they want to move upward. They are not able to find a larger project because they not big enough. It is not trustworthy or not give the stack holder a confidence if there are not a team of developers. Should we solve this problem by working together in a partnership? The Drupal developer is a very technical intensive. Let us follow the way lawyers did in their practice. We get together and build a strong team.


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