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Have hundreds of items in one multivalued field?

Sounds like a bad design? When the first time I found out this, I thought that we should have avoided it in design. But, that is not what we are talking today. After we I figured out a way to fix the performance, it seems quite a powerful way to deal with the business logic.

Does Design Pattern Really Matter?

I am not against design patterns. I am just not its devoted follower. I think design pattern to a programming language is like grammar to the English language. I believe it is not the right tool to begin with software designing.

More Computer Bots Than Us?

I know that is a dumb question. I am shocked after I found out my site is quite busy, but none of them are real human beings.

I installed the Impression module that give me a detail report of all the activities on the site. I used views module to creating a report of all those activities. I am quite surprised to find out how big the problem is. I have attached a report for about 40 minutes' sites activities.

Built A Startup Website with Drupal

dinner life housewife

We built a startup website on top of Drupal. The beta release of https://www.dinnerlife.com is one of the latest Drupal 7 websites we built.

The startup is trying to help promote a new lifestyle. People can dine around if they do not want to cook. Or, if they like cooking, they can host dinners for others and make a living on it.

A New Weapon to Fight Against Spammers on Your Website

Look at the snapshot from the user table. I was having a big problem of spamming bots. The user table is full of fake users. Almost every minutes there is a fake user registered.
spammers' account flooding a website

Avoid Using the node_load_multiple API Function

In a large website with many nodes, stop using the node_load_multiple function. It potentially limits the site growing.

According to the document: "This function should be used whenever you need to load more than one node from the database." But, I want to say that we should avoid using this function as this open the door to system crash in the future.

Build a Star Software Development Team

The success of a project depends on a good development team. How to build and maintain such a good team?

As, a software developer for many years, I believed a good dev team is one of the pillars for a successful business. Here, I want to discuss how to build a dream developer team. Building a high productive, super innovative and proactive team is like cooking a meal. It needs a good ingredient, right source, and good timing in each step of cooking.

A Good Content Strategy Secures a Profitable Business

Small and medium-size businesses can benefit with a good content strategy backed by a content management system (CMS) like Drupal. The internet is evolving fast. A good content strategy helps business keep a close pace with the trend.

More and more people are using mobile phones to get information and connect with others. A CMS website can quickly turn into responsive design. A responsive website provides better user experience for mobile users. Hence, Google ranks a responsive website higher than none responsive ones.

Content as a Service

As one of Canada’s most successful integrated media and entertainment companies, Corus have multiple TV channels and websites for each channel.


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