A New Weapon to Fight Against Spammers on Your Website

Look at the snapshot from the user table. I was having a big problem of spamming bots. The user table is full of fake users. Almost every minutes there is a fake user registered.
spammers' account flooding a website
I have tried a lot of ways to stop bots from creating user accounts on my website. I have tried different captchas. They are not convenient to real users. Some of them have problems with the responsive design. I start to looking for another inovative way to stop those bots. I came to this 'crazy' idea. Since bots are do not use a mouse or touch the screen of the opened web page, Why not use that behavior to identify them?

Following this idea, I quickly come up with a human behavior module. It uses impression module to catch the human actions on a web page. If none of such actions detected, it blocks the submission of the form. It records an action of each web page. Within 3 hours, form submission from this page is valid. The website is problem free from the spammer soon I download and install the modules.

The module is in a beta release; It is a new weapon to fight the bots. Fighting against spam bots is an ongoing fight. The module is not perfect. The bot can still try to mimic human behavior. New bots might be created to make some fake mouse move, etc. We can not prevent that from happening, but we can sure to come up with some new ideas to detect them and stop them from messing up our website.


Similar to Antibot

Sounds strikingly similar to the antibot module. https://www.drupal.org/project/antibot

Using similar but not same

Using similar but not same matrix.


I'm confused, how would this accommodate users using screen readers or keyboard interfaces? If it requires mouse or touch actions it seems like it would immediately make a form inaccessible for many users. But maybe I'm misunderstanding?

Thanks, will look into it.

Thanks, will look into it.

Using the tab / KeePass

If possible I don't use a mouse on a pc: - I like to use the keyboard for tabbing between fields. - for login I use a program like KeePass for entering my username and password, or with browsers I sometimes use the build-in the automatic user/password entering. Seems I will be a bot in your terms.

Fixed, now, keyboard action

Fixed, now, keyboard action is as good as other human actions.

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