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Audio Blog is Added to Hot Social Media Network

With Twitaudi, one can tell a story of his own. It creates a forum where one can develop his story and narrate it to people through sharing it. One just requires taking time develop his story and then release it.

Another opportunity, that members are joining Twitaudi, can expect is that they will be in a position to register a complaint. If one has a complaint against anything, one can record it for action. People can be free to raise their concern and explain what they expect to be done.

Social Network Now Have A New Family Member – Audio Blog Was Added To Help People Blog More Efficiently

Early this month, Toronto-based technology company, Wulei Info Inc (Wii), has launched a new website: The site provides people an option to blog with audio. There they can blog easily without typing the whole article. It allows the user to sign in with a Twitter account or register a new account on the website.