We are focusing on serving customers who have a high priority on performance and reliability for their website or web based system.

We provide hourly based consultant service; We do project-based content system integration, website system development, content migration, system upgrading and maintenance;

Web system development

We followed industry standard and used the best practise for every project we worked on. We build very stable system and reduce your maintenance cost of the project. Our system has open source standard, and other company can take over very quickly. We are active in open source community Drupal. We are proud to serve large corporation like Corus Entertainment. We have build very stable web service for them: schedule service

Website upgrading, scaling and performance tuning services

We upgrade your website from other CMS to Drupal. We also upgrade your Drupal site from version 5, 6 to 7 or 8. We optimise your current Drupal site and tune it for a better performance.

Website maintenance service

We also provide ticket based support for your website system.